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Over 20 years of helping women trust themselves & stop living with self-doubt

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Clear the muddle of self-doubt and second guessing.


Learn to trust the desires of your heart.

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Find the courage to follow the wisdom and guidance of your heart.


Become the woman you truly want to be!

about PAuline daniel

Pauline Daniel

I’ve been in the field of Personal Development for over 2 decades as an employment counsellor, personal coach and author.  My focus is on following your heart. It’s your compass and your guide. This is the way I live and work.

I came to Coaching in 2001 after 9/11 when the world became scary and unpredictable.  I felt I had two choices. One, to hunker down in fear and the other to amp it up and move ahead in bigger ways.  

In 2003 I earned my certificate in Power Coaching through Coaching and Leadership International on Vancouver Island, BC.  And in 2008 started my own coaching practice.  

In 2011 I became a grandmother.  My only son had a son and I am still blown away by the love I have for this child.  In 2018 I launched my first book, Tuesdays with Jack, honouring this love.  

In my practice, I work with Baby Boomer women who like me, have worked hard their entire lives. We took on causes and changed the world for women.  We are the generation who continues to set trends.

Tuesdays with Jack

A Generational Story Of Love, Life & Wisdom

My book, Tuesdays with Jack, is a love story for the world.  
It’s a tribute to my grandson, our relationship and my legacy.  
This beautiful little book began as a Facebook post after spending Tuesdays with my grandson Jack.  
Tuesdays was our day from the time he was baby.  
When he started to talk, he amazed and delighted me with the things he said.  


I decided to do a life coaching session with Pauline because she came highly recommended and I really like her outgoing nature. After my first session with her my life changed. I began concentrating on my joy and what makes me happy and, in turn, all other factors in my life from career to my personal life, began evolving in ways I had never imagined before.

Vince Hempsall,

A heartwarming speaker, Pauline Daniel brings coaching to the Soul. I attended a speech by Pauline where she captured the audience with warm, sincere and inspirational delivery about her journey through change. Pauline brought a personal touch to her presentation, which motivated attendees to move toward positive transformation. Thank You, Pauline for being an inspiration to us all!

Kathline Holmes, Castlegar, BC

“Life Coaching with Pauline helped me through a time of great personal sorrow. Pauline works with a deep level of understanding, compassion and intuition. This was my first experience with Life Coaching and it helped me re-enter my life. Thank You.”

BP , Nelson, BC

“Pauline has been very helpful with regards to a transition in my life. I was able to set goals and work through the steps to achieve them quicker than I thought possible. I enjoyed all my sessions with Pauline. I would highly recommend Life Coaching with Pauline to anyone wanting to make life changes with ease and less stress.

Lucille Bertrand, Nelson, BC

“My career transition coaching sessions with Pauline have been powerful experiences. Together we explored issues, challenges and set goals. She helped me learn how a well written, employer focused cover letter could get me the interview I wanted. She supported me in planning for the interview so I felt confident with the panel of people interviewing me. Thank You Pauline – you are a gem worth keeping!”

Inger Hansen, Victoria, BC

“I found coaching with Pauline to be very useful. It got to the heart of my issue quickly and took the emotional charge out so I could come up with a logical solution. Thanks!”

Nancy Selwood, Nelson, BC

“Pauline was able to help me focus on the main issue which was holding me back from starting a successful business. In one session, she helped me to pinpoint a negative belief about my worthiness to receive adequate payment for my work and change it to a positive affirming belief that will support me in my work with clients.

Kamala Moore, Victoria, BC

“I got what I came for and left the seminar with the realization of the power within and how to tap into it.”

Don Birtch, Castlegar, BC

“The seminar was lively and relevant. I enjoyed it very, very much and I was able to get a clear path ahead for myself for a change. Pauline used language that was contemporary and very present and in tune with the spiritual and cultural progressive movement of our time.”

Bonnie Holland
, Nelson, BC

“Pauline, I want to thank you for the experience of Power Coaching®! In a very short time you helped me break through a deep seated issue and break a pattern that was holding me back. I use The Brain Walk® and Values Cards all the time to stay on track in every part of my life. It’s great to know I have a Life Coach to refer my clients to.”

Ali Popoff
 , Kootenai Finest Personal Training & The Studio

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